I was about three hours into a four-hour tattoo when my tattoo artist said, “why don’t you do a podcast?” For years, my students, my friends, my family, and the people I run into at dog park have asked the same question. I don’t have a good answer. One of these days I’ll get around to it. In the meantime, you can hear me on the excellent podcasts listed below.

“Challenging the Constitutionality of Solitary Confinement in the case of Hammond v. PA Department of Corrections” – KYW New In Depth with Matt Leon (March 2024) https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/topic/kyw-in-depth

“Inside the Case of India Spellman and Philadelphia Justice Project’s Fight to Free Incarcerated Women.” KYW News In Depth with Matt Leon (August 23, 2022) https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/news/local/india-spellman-philadelphia-justice-project-wrongful-convictions

“The Wrongful Incarceration of Sylvia Boykin” – Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freleng (July 2022) https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-wrongful-conviction-27797564/episode/279-maggie-freleng-with-sylvia-boykin-99745163/

“Why Is the Number of Women in Prison Growing?” KYW News In Depth with Matt Leon (November 2021) https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/topic/kyw-in-depth

“Why Aren’t We Doing More for Women in Reentry?” The Confluence (October 2021) https://www.wesa.fm/show/the-confluence/2021-10-26/carlos-carter-tapped-to-take-the-helm-of-the-urban-league-of-greater-pittsburgh-starts-next-month

“The Supreme Court’s Decision in Jones v. Mississippi and What It Means for Juvenile Life Without Parole” – KYW News In Depth with Matt Leon (May 2021) https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/topic/kyw-in-depth

“The Danger of Covid for Incarcerated Women” – Speaking Freely with ACLU-PA 2021 https://soundcloud.com/speakingfreelyaclupa/we-have-got-to-get-more-people-out-women-prisons-and-covid-19

“Deplorable Conditions in Philadelphia’s Jail for Women” – WURD with Solomon Jones (December 8, 2020) https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-12820-adrian-perry-and-jill-mccorkel

“Grand Juries and the Breonna Taylor Case” KYW News In Depth with Matt Leon (September 25, 2020) https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/topic/kyw-in-depth

“The Problem of Police Violence & Police Unions” – The David Feldman Show (June 15, 2020) https://davidfeldmanshow.com/?s=mccorkel

“Police Violence” – Maryland Public News Service (June 2, 2020) https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2020-06-02/criminal-justice/police-accused-of-violence-have-history-of-complaints/a70409-1

“Mass Incarceration in a Global Context: US and Ireland” – Villanova Center for Irish Studies Podcast (June 2, 2020) https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2020-06-02/criminal-justice/police-accused-of-violence-have-history-of-complaints/a70409-1

“Parental Incarceration” – The Academic Minute (October 9, 2017) https://academicminute.org/2017/10/jill-mccorkel-villanova-university-effects-of-incarcerated-parents-on-children/