For media inquiries and public speaking requests, please contact Dr. McCorkel directly.

  •    office phone: 610.519.8899
  •    jillmccorkel

Research Opportunities

Interested in gaining valuable research experience? Dr. McCorkel offers qualified Villanova students (and alums!) opportunities to volunteer on a variety of research and advocacy projects. Recent examples include: a comparative study of prison tourism in the U.S. and Ireland that culminated in a co-authored article in Contexts; public advocacy and applied case research in support of commutation petitions; applied research on wrongful convictions & sentencing disparities that culminated in the release of a life sentenced woman; and, research in Ireland on parental incarceration. Several students have received travel and/or funding stipends from Villanova University to support their work.

Qualified applicants will have successfully completed (read: aced) courses in Sociology of Law, Research Seminar in Wrongful Convictions, and/or Punishment & Society. Contact Dr. McCorkel for information regarding current projects.

Recommendation Requests

Students seeking letters of recommendation should send requests to Dr. McCorkel’s university email address. Requests sent via social media accounts (twitter, IG, etc.) will not be processed. Due to extremely high demand, not every request can be accommodated. Priority is given to students who have earned top grades in two or more of Dr. McCorkel’s classes and have served as officers in the Villanova Chapter of the Philly Justice Project, interned at PJP, and/or worked as a research assistant for Dr. McCorkel. Requests will open on a semesterly basis and close when they exceed the set maximum.

Requests must include the following information: gpa, gpa in major, grades received in Dr. McCorkel’s courses, major papers submitted for those courses, significant accomplishments, and notable experiences related to discipline/career.

Requests for recommendation letters should be submitted 8 – 10 weeks in advance of deadline.